Meet the Staff

Peggy Ballard ~ F/T Lead Receptionist

Peggy joined the staff of Leland Veterinary Clinic in February 2008, after having been a client for many years. She is a Georgia native and has lived in Mableton since 1992. Peggy’s extensive office experience is a valuable asset to Leland. Her skills encompass excellent organizational and communication skills. Peggy enjoys learning new things about cats and dogs every day by assisting Leland’s clients. She also enjoys gardening and spending time with her rescues which include her five cats (Zelda, Oliver, Benny, Houdini, and Merlin) and two dogs (Josie and Pearl). The clinic is proud of Peggy and appreciates her loyalties and trustworthiness.

Kaycee Alberti ~ P/T Receptionist (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Kaycee rejoined the Leland team in May of 2017 as a permanent part-time Receptionist. However, Kaycee may be familiar to some of our clients because she has worked “off and on” as a Veterinary Assistant since 2008. Kaycee and her entire family have entrusted all of their animals’ healthcare to Leland/Dr. Carreker’s skilled hands since 1994. Growing up, Kaycee has always had a passion and soft spot for the healthcare of all of God’s creation. Kaycee has had all sorts of pets (like rabbits) and has brought home many animals in need of rescue (like opossums). Kaycee is married to a very “animal understanding” husband and they currently have 6 “fur-babies” which consist of five cats and one Golden Retriever. Kaycee worked for many years at WellStar Heath System where she obtained a lot of medical knowledge and a lot of experience in care-giving and customer service as well as bereavement situations. Kaycee is a couple of steps away from completing her degree in Business Administration and Management and hopes to pursue a future where she can put her degree to work; hopefully, where Leland will always play a part.

Brisia Santos ~ P/T Bilingual Receptionist (Tuesdays & Fridays)

Brisia is Leland’s newest addition joining our team in December 2017. We are very fortunate to have her for many reasons. Firstly, Brisia helps to bridge relationships with our Hispanic community by assisting in providing empathy with our clients and quality care for their animals. Secondly, Brisia has a loving heart as a wife and new proud parent of a baby boy, past teacher, part-time nanny, and as an animal owner. Brisia’s interests include trying new foods, bubble tea and coffee, music, and she loves the character “Snoopy” (of course, it would be a dog!). Leland looks forward to a long relationship with Brisia.

Alice Jakubiak ~ F/T Certified Veterinary Technician

Alice began working with Leland Veterinary Clinic in 1997. She graduated from Jacksonville State University with a 4-year degree in Computer Information Systems. She spent fifteen years in the Army. In 2008, Alice earned her license as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Alice is an incredible asset to Leland and its clients. Her knowledge and capabilities are extensive; she is a huge component to the success of our clinic and is an invaluable asset to our doctors. Alice has several cats (which includes one special cat that only has three legs, one cat named Millie – aka “The Church Cat”, and one cat named Benjamin – aka “The Dumpster Cat”) and enjoys landscaping, woodworking, painting ceramics, and playing computer games. Alice has always been interested in caring for animals and is especially devoted to their welfare. We cannot imagine Leland without Alice.

Lisa Goodman ~ F/T Veterinary Assistant
Lisa joined the Leland Veterinary Clinic family in September 2007. She brings with her business experience and most importantly a love of animals. Lisa completed a course in Animal Care and Kennel Management from Professional Career Development Institute, and is our coordinator in prescription foods required for different ailments from which our patients suffer. Lisa is also a multi-talented assistant to all staff positions within the clinic. In Lisa’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her two cats (Winston and Junibe), doing puzzle books, and relaxing with scented candles. Leland looks forward too many more happy years working with such a talented person as Lisa – who always offers exceptional care and love for animals and their families.

Danielle Mercado ~ F/T Veterinary Assistant

Danielle joined the Leland team in September of 2014 but has been working with animals in one capacity or another since 2010. Throughout the years, Danielle has had more and more of a calling to put her sincere love and appreciation for animals to use by investing in learning more about animal/pet care and their all-around health. Of course, Danielle is the type of person that has many passions including her beautiful family (a husband of many years, an older daughter, two young boys, a new baby boy, two dogs, one cat, and a partridge and a pear tree – j/k), learning about and cooking food, and cycling. Danielle even cycles to work sometimes which is at least 13 miles one-way (that will get you ready for a good day at Leland!). Danielle has a degree from Johnson and Wales University and is currently pursuing other avenues of obtaining knowledge within the scopes of her passions. Danielle is a valuable addition to our team and is great with our clients and patients. We hope to never lose her.

Maryssa Davis ~ F/T Veterinary Assistant

Maryssa is one of our newest additions and has been with us since August of 2017. She is very talented and expresses sincere concern for the welfare of any animal. Maryssa’s entire history has pointed her in the direction of always being in a field where she can further her skills, knowledge, and compassion for understanding and taking care of animals. Maryssa grew up in Villa Rica, Georgia where she developed a love for the outdoors and all the creatures it encompasses. Maryssa chose to put this love to work by attending (ABAC) Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA, where she acquired a degree in Natural Resource Conservation with a focus in Wildlife Management. Some of Maryssa’s favorite things to do are playing outside with her dog, “Milo”, when it is warm and crocheting inside when it is cold. We see Maryssa and her skills growing as Leland continues to flourish.

Joey ~ Senior Clinic Cat

Joey has been with us since Christmas 2005. He was rescued from a Wal-Mart store. Joey loves everybody – dogs, cats, ladies, men, or children – it does not matter. Joey loves visiting with the staff each morning, at lunch time, and every evening to say “good night”. He also has special clients with whom he looks forward to seeing and visiting with from time to time. Joey has always loved sleeping wherever he can lay his head (especially laps), and he has melted the hearts of many over the years from our old clinic to the new.

Nicholas ~ Junior Clinic Cat

Nicholas or Nick came to us at Christmas time 2006; hence, the name “Nicholas”. He was found at a construction site and had obviously been attacked by a hawk. Dr. Carreker began immediately to “put him back together” which in itself was touch and go. He came through and everyone fell in love with the little orange cat. He is still anxious around people he does not know and loves to play “hide and seek”. Like Joey, whom Nicholas considers a brother, he loves visiting with the staff and special clients from time to time as well. He also knows how to melt hearts and show his purr-fect love to all who take care of him.