Beyond The Exam

Diagnostics for dogs and cats.

In-House Laboratory

Slide Whenever your pet is not feeling well (and we have an appointment available), we most likely will offer the corresponding diagnostic tools we have available. We have our very own laboratory in our clinic to run diagnostic blood work. We also have a urine analyzer for urine issues. All of these laboratory mechanisms will be utilized by our team and the results analyzed by our doctors within your appointment time. There are a few tests we do send out to outside labs, but those results tend to come within a few days. In-House Laboratory

Slide Boarding for dogs and cats. Unfortunate issues and injuries can arise where x-rays may be necessary. Our clinic is fully equipped to take x-rays of your pet. Not all x-rays can be taken during an appointment and mar require sedation. But we offer drop off appointments Tuesday through Friday most weeks for any more detailed x-rays recommended by the doctor which may require sedation. 828-256-2151 Radiology