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Gold-Standard wellness care.

Parasite Control

Slide Regular wellness visits help us to keep track of your furry friend’s health. Preventative care is the best and most cost effective way to prevent severe illnesses. Wellness visits consist of a complete examination of your pet from ear tip to toe nail, and helps our doctors to gain knowledge of what is normal for your pet so they can identify any changes that may be of concern.

We also offer appointments with more detailed examinations consisting of any problems or concerns you have. Especially if the visit consists of any diagnostics the doctor may address these issues and evaluate any results either during or after the appointment as well to then determine a treatment plan for you and your furry loved one.

Slide During wellness visits we may recommend vital vaccinations tailored specifically towards your pets needs. For instance we will discuss with you what type of environments your pet is exposed to and how to protect them with preventable vaccinations they might need. Again preventative measures are always better than costly illnesses down the line. We follow AAHA and American Feline Practitioners guidelines and utilize 3 year protocols as recommended by these authorities. Vaccinations

Slide Parasite Control Unfortunately our furry friends love to pick up unwanted visible and microscopic friends from all over the place.

Heartworms are among the most deadly. We always recommend our canine patients to be tested yearly for heartworms and to take heartworm preventative consistently every month for their whole life. This is to prevent heartworm disease that can prove to be fatal if left untreated. It is also very costly to treat once diagnosed. Heartworm treatment tend to be thousands of dollars and particularly rough on our furry loved ones.

Internal parasites are just gross to think about. However both our feline and canine friends can easily pick up a worm or two along their travels outside. We can diagnose most of these parasites with a simple fecal exam. You may either bring in a sample during your pets next wellness visit, we can retrieve one ourselves, or you can drop one off to us anytime as long as you call ahead. We also carry most treatments for these unwanted guests in the clinic and if your pet is on monthly heartworm preventative it most likely deworms for the three most common intestinal parasites as well.