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Danielle, CVBL

Practice Manager

Danielle joined the Leland team in September of 2014 but has been working with animals in one capacity or another since 2010. Throughout the years, Danielle has had more and more of a calling to put her sincere love and appreciation for animals to use by investing in learning more about animal/pet care and their all-around health. Of course, Danielle is the type of person that has many passions including her beautiful family (a husband of many years, an older daughter, and three handsome sons), learning about and cooking food, and cycling. Danielle even cycles to work sometimes which is at least 13 miles one-way (that will get you ready for a good day at Leland!). Danielle has a degree from Johnson and Wales University and is currently pursuing other “avenues” of obtaining knowledge within the scopes of her passions. Danielle became our extremely multi-talented, and very overdue, Practice Manager several years ago, and she has navigated Leland, and all the crew, through a lot of changing seas. However, we are now seeing beautiful horizons. Danielle is a valuable addition to our team, and is great with all of our employees, clients, and especially, our patients. 

Danielle Mercado CVBL

Leland Veterinary Clinic